Tips and advises for your own safety!

One of the best sports in the great outdoors is to cycle with your mountain bike. However, to be out and around in the mountains can bear risks, which you should be aware! Here are some advises and tips from our mountain guide Wolfgang Fasching, famous for his extreme cycling sports.

Out of respect for nature!

Please do not cycle off the signed tracks and avoid unnecessary noise. In the forest do not leave any rubbish, take back with you again, what you bring along.

Adjust your speed!

Always cycle defensive minded and not too fast, so you can evade any obstacles or other cyclists in time. A cool biker is someone, who slowly passes walkers and hikers.

The right self-evaluation!

Do not overburden yourself or your companions and plan some reserves. A defect before the last mountain or bad weather conditions can wear out your stamina and morals.

Drink enough and eat in time!

Plan your breaks carefully so you are not thirsty or hungry somewhere in the nowhere.


No mountain cycling without helmet – this is a matter of cause!

The right clothes!

In summer especially in the early and low Season bring warm clothes and a tricot to change with you. Higher up it is very uncomfortable without a raincoat.

Leave in time!

Please be aware, especially in the early- and off-season that you reach your final destination of the day well before it gets dark plan some spare time.

Bad weather condition in the mountains!

In case a bad weather comes up, immediately leave higher reaches of the Alps (either downhill or turning back). Normally you are down quite quick with your bike, the only problem is when there is snow.

Impassable section of track!

In case there are any sorts of obstacles (snow, mudflow, wind breakage …..) please make sure you can cross it safely, however do not leave the signed track in any case! Return early enough, in case you do not feel safe.

Emergency numbers (in Austria)!

Mountain rescue service: 140, Ambulance: 144, Police: 133 //International Emergency: 112
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