• Sustainability on cycling holiday

Cycling holidays under the sign of the environment

For more than 10 years we have been dealing with the idea of sustainability. Many of our cycling holiday offers are regularly awarded the Austrian Eco-label for travel offers by the Ministry of the Environment.

An Eco-label certified bicycle tour guarantees prudent use of the environment thanks to

An Eco-label certified bicycle tour guarantees prudent use of the environment thanks to

  • low CO2 emission, a major contribution to fight climate change
  • overnight stays in regional enterprises with environment standards or at hotels which have been obtained the Eco-label certification
  • the regional value added
  • contact with the local population and typical nature and culture highlights

Valid until the end of 2025.

Step by step towards the climate goal

The Austrian Eco-label for our cycle tour offers is an award for our responsible, environmentally and socially responsible travel products. It is therefore a matter of course for us to integrate environmental and climate protection as an ongoing process in our everyday work.

OÖ Touristik is a member of Climate Alliance Austria

Our contribution to climate protection
We decided to enter into partnership with Climate Alliance Austria because it is important to us to take responsibility where we can exert influence ourselves. By joining the Climate Alliance, these measures will now be bundled and promoted more strongly.

The certification is valid until the end of 2027.

Paperless Travel

We are actively working on providing travel documents in digital format. At the moment, we are in the process of optimizing an alternative solution for the traditional hotel vouchers.

Circular economy bicycle inner tubes

Schwalbe tubes are 100% recyclable
Schwalbe has been recycling bicycle tubes since 2015 and uses the recycled material in the production of new tubes without any loss of quality! The recycling process takes place directly at the recycling site with the help of a specially developed devulcanization process. The energy balance, including all transportation routes, is extremely positive: only a fifth of the energy is consumed compared to the production of the same amount of new butyl.

Werkzeug Symbol, bestehend aus Hammer und Schraubenschlüssel

Reconditioning and repair of batteries for e-bikes

We have our used batteries generally processed. By repairing or upgrading used electrical and electronic devices, there are no costs for a new production. Raw material and energy resources as well as the climate are conserved and the amount of electronic waste is reduced.

Cycling holiday catalogue

  • Since 2019, we have dispensed with the inexpensive foil packaging when sending out the catalogue and use paper envelopes instead.
  • The Cycling Holidays 2023 catalogue was printed climate-neutrally for the first time, which means that all CO2 emissions from the print job are offset again. Thus, the overall impact on the global climate remains neutral.
  • And that's not all. We replaced the usual glossy cover with a more climate-friendly cardboard variant. Although the colours do not shine in all their glory, they are still beautiful to look at and much more environmentally friendly.

Our Environmental Mission

As organizers of sustainably-oriented travel packages, we take our responsibility for the environment very seriously and strive to preserve a livable and healthy environment for future generations. It is important to us to actively involve our partners, suppliers, customers, and employees in the measures we have set and to familiarize them with the importance of sustainability. Our actions aim to continuously advance and improve environmental protection for our travel offerings and within our company.

By adhering to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel and the Climate Alliance Upper Austria, we seek to minimize the most significant environmental impacts that arise throughout the three phases of the service lifecycle (procurement, provision, disposal). To communicate our environmental performance more effectively, we endeavor to meet the requirements of the Austrian Ecolabel for travel offers and the Climate Alliance Upper Austria.

  • We provide training to our employees on resource-efficient and environmentally friendly behavior, as well as the development of eco-friendly trips.
  • We inform our partners about the opportunities to support our environmental goals.
  • We inform our customers about the possibility of booking trips according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel and motivate them to do so.
  • We encourage our customers to consider climate-friendly transportation options, such as using public transportation.
  • We offer our customers paperless travel documents.
  • We prefer environmentally friendly partners whenever possible.
  • We pay attention to limiting our energy consumption.
  • We pay attention to limiting our water consumption.
  • We pay attention to limiting the amount of waste generated and ensure proper waste separation.
  • We prefer goods and food that are less environmentally harmful, resource-efficient, sustainably produced, or have environmental labels.
  • We offer our employees flexible working hours and opportunities for remote work, thereby reducing commuting and our CO2-footprint.
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In 1990 the OÖ Touristik performed a pioneering work on the sector of organised cycle holidays: the first bookable cycle tour along the Danube including luggage transfer. Already a year later we offered the first group tours. Over the years the offers of the cycle holidays has expanded throughout Europe and are as popular as ever. During the last 30 years we have expanded the portfolio on mountain bike tours, cycle holidays by bike and boat, group tours and hiking holidays as well as winter and wellness holidays. The organisation and handling of international congresses and events meanwhile adds to the successful enterprise sections.