Amsterdam Centre cycling tour in and around Amsterdam

Centre cycling tour in and around Amsterdam

5 days/4 nights, approx. 185 km
45–78 km daily, mostly flat
3-star hotel

This is a five-day radial trip with the same bike-friendly accommodation for all nights in Amsterdam. You will stay four nights in Amsterdam, have three full days and if you wish the day of arrival and departure available to cycle. We prepared four different tours for you. You are able to decide every day what you prefer to see: the fishing village Volendam and the cheese town Edam; the world-famous windmills of Zaanse Schans; castle Muiderslot; or the elegant town of Haarlem. When planning your trip to Amsterdam, we recommend to arrive early on the first day and depart late on your last day, so you could make the most of your five days.If you would like to cycle on your day of arrival and departure please let us know when booking your tour.

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from  € 370,00 pro Person 5 days/4 nights
3-star hotel
from  € 370,00
pro Person
5 days/4 nights
3-star hotel
Blick von Brücke auf Kanal mit Booten in Amsterdam
  • Blick von Brücke auf Kanal mit Booten in Amsterdam
    © NBTC Holland Marketing
  • Brücke mit Gebäuden der Hauptstadt Amsterdam in den Niederlanden
    © NBTC Holland Marketing
  • Radfahrer überqueren Brücke in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden
    © NBTC Holland Marketing
  • Wassverlauf mit Booten in der Hauptstadt von den Niederlanden - Amsterdam
    © NBTC Holland Marketing
  • Hebebrücke in Amsterdam in den Niederlanden
    © NBTC Holland Marketing

Personal contact

Susanne Zwirn
Susanne Zwirn
0043 (0)732 / 72 77 - 212
Mo-Fr 9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m

Personal contact

Susanne Zwirn 0043 (0)732 / 72 77 - 212 Mo-Fr 9 a.m. - 4.30 p.m request now Susanne Zwirn
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Centre cycling tour in and around Amsterdam

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Detailed information about this offer

Included services
  • 4 nights in a 3-star hotel in Amsterdam
  • daily buffet breakfast
  • train ride Amsterstam Sloterdijk - Amsterdam Central Station
  • information material (cycle map with detailed English route description) per room
  • GPS data on request
  • service hotline also at the weekend

    Additional costs:
    All prices in our offer include VAT. Not included in our prices is the city tax (approx. Euro 2,- per person/night) and is to be paid at the respective hotel.
  • Day 1 - Individual arrival in Amsterdam

    If you arrive early, you get the chance to discover the various parts of Amsterdam by public transport or by foot. There are beautiful shopping areas, museums, inviting places, restaurants etc. - plenty of options to enjoy your day!
    Example of hotel: Westcord Art Hotel***, Amsterdam
    Hotel examples: Your accommodation will probably be in the hotel specified above however, in the event that the hotel is unavailable on the required date, an equivalent hotel will be booked.

    Route suggestions: The suggested cycle tours are freely selectable and combinable and represent one of many possible tour options. You could plan your centre cycle tour as you prefer.
  • Day 2 - Cycle tour Volendam, approx. 78 km

    Choose from four routes. For example a tour to Marken, Volendam and Edam to the coast of the former Zuiderzee. Marken and Volendam are fishing villages, Volendam shipped salty cheese loafs to the rest of the world. The 78 km long route leads you through postcard-like idyllic landscapes. Or you do a shorter bike tour of 46 km to Haarlem, with one of the most beautiful old towns of Holland.
  • Day 3 - Cycle tour Muiden, approx. 63 km

    Choose from four routes today too. The track to Muiden Castle is 63 km long. Here you will experience military content. The town of Naarden is a good example of a star-shaped fortress (Check it out on GoogleMaps!). It is well preserved with all its walls and the moat. Next you will arrive at the town of Muiden, at the mouth of the river Vecht. Although Muiden is picturesque itself, it is well known for its tiny water castle, built in 1280 – worth a visit anyways.
  • Day 4 - Cycle tour Zaandam, approx. 45 km

    The last of our four routes will lead you to Zandaam and back. Because of wind energy the area around the river Zaan was industrialized already a long time ago. Hundreds of sawmills made the construction of the enormous merchant fleet possible, which led Amsterdam to wealth. This route is fantastic for everyone who is interested in industrial culture! In addition to old factories and warehouses along the river, you could really look forward to seeing the beautiful windmills in Zaanse Schans, where mustard, paint and oil are still produced until today. Take a look at the various clips on Youtube to get a taste of Zaanse Schans. At sunset you will return to Amsterdam and could end your day with a stroll around the romantic canal district.
  • Day 5 - Individual departure or extra nights

    After breakfast it is unfortunately time to pack your bags. Maybe you have a couple of hours left to enjoy Amsterdam. There are big lockers at the train station where you could leave your bags while exploring.
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Note for people with limited mobility
The cycle tour is not suitable for people with limited mobility. However, in specific cases it is possible to accommodate individual customer requests (e.g. barrier-free room).

Passport and visa requirements
To check in to your hotel you will need a valid passport or ID card.
For citizens of countries outside the Schengen area other regulations may apply. You are responsible for obtaining any visa you may require in good time.

Terms and Conditions of Payment:
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Cancellation Policy:
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20% of the tour price up to 28 days before arrival date
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50% of the tour price from 13th to 8th day before arrival date
70% of the tour price from 7th to 4th day before arrival date
90% of the tour price from 3rd day before arrival date to the day of arrival or “no show”

If the customer makes changes to the booking (date of travel, tour, duration, transfer of the booking to another person etc.) up to 28 days before departure, for reasons which are outside our control, we will charge a processing fee of € 50,- per booking. After this date, the cancellation policy will apply. Such changes to a booking may only be made in individual cases and if possible; the customer has no right to any changes.

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Rates and additional services to book


Arrival: 01.04.2022 - 30.09.2022


A: 03.04.2022 - 05.04.2022 / 10.04.2022 - 12.04.2022 / 18.04.2022 - 19.04.2022 / 25.04.2022 - 26.04.2022 / 01.05.2022 - 03.05.2022 / 08.05.2022 - 10.05.2022 / 15.05.2022 - 17.05.2022 / 22.05.2022 - 24.05.2022 / 29.05.2022 - 31.05.2022 / 06.06.2022 - 07.06.2022 / 12.06.2022 - 14.06.2022 / 19.06.2022 - 21.06.2022 / 26.06.2022 - 28.06.2022 / 03.07.2022 - 05.07.2022 / 10.07.2022 - 12.07.2022 / 17.07.2022 - 19.07.2022 / 24.07.2022 - 26.07.2022 / 31.07.2022 - 02.08.2022 / 07.08.2022 - 09.08.2022 / 14.08.2022 - 16.08.2022 / 21.08.2022 - 23.08.2022 / 28.08.2022 - 30.08.2022 / 04.09.2022 - 06.09.2022 / 11.09.2022 - 13.09.2022 / 18.09.2022 - 20.09.2022 / 25.09.2022 - 27.09.2022
€ 370,00
double room with breakfast (per person and stay)
€ 490,00
double room with half board (per person and stay)
€ 490,00
single room with breakfas (per person and stay)
€ 610,00
single room with half board (per person and stay)
B: 01.04.2022 - 02.04.2022 / 06.04.2022 - 09.04.2022 / 13.04.2022 - 14.04.2022 / 20.04.2022 - 22.04.2022 / 27.04.2022 - 30.04.2022 / 04.05.2022 - 07.05.2022 / 11.05.2022 - 14.05.2022 / 18.05.2022 - 21.05.2022 / 25.05.2022 / 01.06.2022 - 02.06.2022 / 08.06.2022 - 11.06.2022 / 15.06.2022 - 18.06.2022 / 22.06.2022 - 25.06.2022 / 29.06.2022 - 02.07.2022 / 06.07.2022 - 09.07.2022 / 13.07.2022 - 16.07.2022 / 20.07.2022 - 23.07.2022 / 27.07.2022 - 30.07.2022 / 03.08.2022 - 06.08.2022 / 10.08.2022 - 13.08.2022 / 17.08.2022 - 20.08.2022 / 24.08.2022 - 27.08.2022 / 31.08.2022 - 03.09.2022 / 07.09.2022 - 10.09.2022 / 14.09.2022 - 17.09.2022 / 21.09.2022 - 24.09.2022 / 28.09.2022 - 30.09.2022
€ 390,00
double room with breakfast (per person and stay)
€ 510,00
double room with halfboard (per person and stay)
€ 510,00
single room with breakfast (per person and stay)
€ 630,00
single mit half board (per person and stay)
C: 15.04.2022 - 17.04.2022 / 23.04.2022 - 24.04.2022 / 26.05.2022 - 28.05.2022 / 03.06.2022 - 05.06.2022
€ 430,00
double room with breakfast (per person and stay)
€ 550,00
double room with halfboard (per person and stay)
€ 550,00
single room with breakfast (per person and stay)
€ 670,00
single mit half board (per person and stay)
Extra nights
01.04.2022 - 30.09.2022
extra night in Amsterdam, double room/breakfast (per person and stay)
extra night in Amsterdam, single room/breakfast (per person and stay)
Additional services
01.04.2022 - 30.09.2022
upgrade 4*-hotel (per person/night)
Hired bikes

Hired bikes

Bike rental 5 days (touring bike) incl. repair service
€ 48,00 per stay

Bike rental 5 days electric bike
€ 100,00 per stay

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